Sveiva IB is the champion of EFC 2016 in women

Sveiva is the champion of the EFC 2016 and will play in the Champions Cup 2017 in Seinäjoki, Finland. The champion of Norway defeated UHC Weissenfels in front of the German home crowd with a strong, solid and complete game.

UHC Weissenfels-Sveiva IB 0-5 (0-0, 0-3, 0-2)

The first period of the women’s final match was scoreless. It started with Sveiva controlling the game really strong during the first five minutes. After that Weissenfels started to play better. In general Sveiva could still create better scoring chances than Weissenfels which can also be seen in the statistics. Malin Dahler had only three saves and Indra Reck saved nine times. Still Sveiva didn’t get many the chances in the most dangerous areas but mostly from long distance shots.

Again the period started under the Norwegian team’s control. Only this time they used their scoring chances. Erica Hellberg scored from the assist by Oda Langaker at 24:26 and only 30 seconds later Diana Isjomina took Sveiva to 2-0 lead. Isjomina scored her second goal at 30:56 and Sveiva seemed to leave Weissenfels far behind. But Weissenfels didn’t give up. They improved their game during the later part of the period and got some really nice chances but couldn’t get the ball past Malin Dahler and because of that the second intermission started with a three goal lead for the champion of Norway.

The last twenty minutes Weissenfels fought hard in front of their home crowd, but today the opponent was just too strong. Sveiva defended well and gave high pressure always at the right moments. Even though Weissenfels could get the ball possession to their advantage it didn’t help the German team to create so many scoring chances which would have been good enough. Diana Isjomina and Julie Gidske increased the lead of the Norwegian side to 5-0 in the middle of the period, but still the match was played until the last second of the game. Neither of the teams gave up but challenged each other until the end.

Sveiva’s captain Oda Langåker was elected as the best player of the Norwegian team with two assists. Erica Hellberg scored 1+1 and Diana Isjomina did a hat trick.

After the game Oda Langåker was really happy about the victory as the captain of the team. She said that the Norwegian team had studied Weissenfels’ style of playing pretty well and that was the biggest reason they won.

Laura Neumann from UHC Weissenfels wasn’t too disappointed after the match. She said that the silver medal warms the hearts of UHC players but most of all the people who were there to watch the game and support their efforts deserve a great thank you. Neumann admitted that today the opponent deserved the victory.

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